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Speech and Language Therapy

Initial Consultation

First contact by a family/education provider. This is usually completed via phone or email. Should further input be agreed to be beneficial, referral documents will be sent to parents via email. When completed documents are received by Thrive SLT, an appointment will be arranged.

Initial Assessment

Parent/Carer to be present throughout. An initial assessment includes a brief written summary. A full report can be requested for an additional fee.

Therapy sessions

Parent/Carer/Education staff to be present throughout. Includes planning, liaison, preparation of resources, cost of materials provided and completion of clinical records.

Review Assessment

Review of progress since previous assessment.

Nursery observation

Observation of a child in nursery or school for various reasons, including:

  • discussion of concerns
  • whether assessment required
  • as part of an assessment
  • giving specific advice to nursery staff.

Thrive SLT can also support you with:

  • Additional reports, letters and treatment programmes 
  • Attendance at relevant meetings
  • Telephone consultations/meetings


Thrive SLT works closely with schools, nurseries and pre-schools, delivering what is required for the individual setting. As well as administering input purely for a given individual, schools may wish to buy in half a day or a whole day of SLT input and use it how they wish.

Services may include:

  • Assessment
  • Therapy input for an individual/group of children
  • Support for school staff delivering SLT programmes
  • In classroom observations/advice about specific children/client groups

Where appropriate, Thrive SLT is able to offer block bookings for up to a term in advance for regular input.


Thrive SLT offers training packages tailored to your requirements. Duration of training is flexible according to your specifications.
We currently offer twilight sessions, half day and full day training courses.

  • Communication in the Early Years
  • Working with Speech Sounds
  • Supporting children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Identifying Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in children
  • Strategies for supporting communication development in young children
  • Practical strategies for working with (SLCN) within schools/nurseries
  • Supporting communication development through Parent-Child Interaction

Please contact us on polly@thrivespeechtherapy.co.uk or 07900 606211 to discuss your requirements.

Wider Community Support

Thrive SLT is passionate about supporting ALL children to achieve their potential. We want to involve whole communities in developing awareness of, and supporting, childrens’ Speech Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

Using our extensive practical and theoretical knowledge, Thrive SLT offers services to workforces/businesses/staff to support the communication of children they encounter at home & work.

You may be a business (e.g. retail outlet, restaurant, GP practice, toddler group) wishing to improve your employees understanding of, and interaction with, people with SLCN e.g. stammering, autism spectrum disorder, speech anxiety. Or wishing to improve people with SLCN’s access to your publications (e.g. menu’s, information sheets). Improving customer service will result in increased customer satisfaction.

You may wish to increase staff retention and satisfaction by supporting your staff as parents in their home environment.  Valuing your employees home life and helping them to better understand their childrens’ communication development could reduce anxiety and improve well-being for all concerned.

Please contact us to discuss how we may be able to help your business.
polly@thrivespeechtherapy.co.uk or 07900 606211

Costs for Speech and Language Therapy

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Telephone/ email discussion with parent/carer/education provider to establish whether assessment or intervention is needed.

Approximately 1hr 15mins. Case History and Assessment. Brief written summary of findings is supplied to parents/carers/nursery as appropriate.

Following an Initial Assessment. A full report detailing all areas of the child’s communication skills. Specific targets, advice and activities will be given and appropriate resources provided.

Approximately 45 minutes (depending on the childs age/attention level). Individual therapy session, including feedback/liaison with parents/staff. Appropriate resources will be provided.

Approximately 1 hour. Reassessment and review of progress, or targets set at previous assessment. Written summary of findings is supplied to parents/carers/nursery as appropriate.

Approximately 45 minutes. Observation of child in nursery/school for a variety of reasons including ; to discuss concerns, establish whether assessment is required, as part of an assessment, giving specific advice to nursery staff.

Approximately 3 hours. Case history/social communication interview with parent/carer, 1:1 assessment with child (higher level language skills/social communication), and observation in education setting. Full report and targets provided, suitable for contribution to the diagnostic process.

Prices for attendance at meetings, additional reports (including EHCP contributions) and other services will be given upon request.
Journeys will be subject to the following flat fees dependent on their distance from Alton, Hampshire.

Cost for training

Prices for training packages vary dependent on the duration, venue and number of participants. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and costings. 

Costs for wider Community Support

Please contact us to discuss prices for services to your business.

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